Alaska Native Corporations (ANC)
and Government Contracting

The Government has found that contracting with ANC 8(a) companies such as KOMAN, is often less costly and more efficient than the comparison bidding alternative. This ability to sole-source enables federal clients to address and negotiate a contract which serves the agency to the best possible extent.

As an ANC subsidiary company, KOMAN is eligible to receive sole source contracts greater than $3 million per 13 CFR 124.506 (b), and ANC's are exempt from competitive threshold limitations. As a result, ANC-owned 8(a) contracting is often less costly and more efficient than the competitive cost comparison bidding alternative.

If a project has not been advertised, federal governmental agencies can, through 3 CFR 124.506 (b), contract directly with an ANC-owned 8(a) by simply indicating their intent to award a project as an 8(a) contract by submitting a written offering letter to the SBA. This ability to sole source enables federal clients to creatively address and negotiate a contract, addressing specific client objectives. In fact, costs associated with awarding an ANC-owned 8(a) contract are limited, and many times have no cost at all.

By comparison, the cost of awarding a contract through competitive bid can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, outsourcing savings are often realized by ANC 8(a) sole source contractors in the first fiscal year, unlike competitively awarded contracts which can take three or more years to realize savings. ANC-owned companies are also sufficiently large enough and efficient enough to ensure a competitive general and administrative cost rate. And, under a partnering "open book" relationship, the government is virtually guaranteed the ability to negotiate a fair and reasonable price, with none of the uncertainties associated with the competitive process alternative.




  • Shortened Procurement Cycle
  • Flexibility of Capacity
  • Assurance of Quality
  • Timely Delivery
  • Financial Strength
  • WAWF Experience
  • Well Respected Teaming Partners
    Excellent Past Performance Record


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