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Welcome to KOMAN Inc.

KOMAN is a competent, financially sound, and innovative team delivering performance and proven value to our Clients. We integrate our people, enterprise-wide processes and expert planning, with our partners, to deliver customized solutions and competitive advantage…

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Our Values

Quality Leadership
KOMAN strives to be the market leader in quality service delivery. With our personable and professional service, experience, efficient processes, we partner with you in achieving your objectives.

Customer Satisfaction 
KOMAN aims for ultimate customer satisfaction. Our employees feel a personal responsibility to ensure your success.

Comprehensive Quality Management 
KOMAN employees share a commitment to providing quality service and a focus on continuous improvement, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

As your objectives change, we continually refine and improve our services to meet your needs. We develop innovative, customized solutions in response to your needs and requirements.

Team Players : Customized solutions

KOMAN recognizes the unique needs of our clients operations and strives to provide customized solutions. KOMAN’s consultative approach ensures that KOMAN’s service team fully understands your organizations needs before custom-tailoring a solution. 

Safety and Environmental Responsibility

KOMAN is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our employees, our customers and our neighbors. KOMAN is committed to responsible environmental practices. We recognize our obligations to provide services in a manner which have the least environmental impact.

Focus on Customer Service

Every KOMAN employee acts as a service provider for both the customer and the company. Our “golden rule” treat people with mutual respect and innovate for success.

Our services

Maintenance & Operations

Rubble is a granular inorganic particulate material with grains larger than 5 mm, produced by crushing rocks in a quarry, gravel and boulders, or by recycling industrial waste.

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KOMAN, Inc. provides professional, quality construction and construction management services that exceeds the expectations of our customers. With focus on high quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, KOMAN has earned a reputation that rivals the competition.

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